Welcome to 2 Smart +1, a Design Powerhouse. We create products with strong identities. Our work elevates the emotional and integrates the functional

How we can help

We understand how important design is and how it can make or break a product. By working with 2 Smart + 1 you are engaging a team of very talented designers who can not only create powerful and beautiful objects, but work through all the technical and rational benefits of transitioning ideas to sketches, and sketches to real products.

Our process

We utilize our own design philosophy known as bioFORMatics™. With bioFORMatics ™ we bridge and work with new styling forms (bioform) in conjunction with engineering, mechanics, and mathematics (matics) to create products that are technical, real, emotional, intelligent, and functional.

What this means to our clients is our designs incorporate the technical while accentuating the visual. Our work results in doable, practical, functional and smart designs. Using bioFORMatics™ our creations not only engage consumers visually, but continue to satisfy consumers way beyond their initial impressions and experiences.